Room Rental and Policies

  • Deposit
    • A deposit of $500 will be required to hold the desired date. The remaining balance should be paid in full 1 week prior to the event date. Stonebridge accepts the following payment types: Cash, check, money order, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Discover Card.
  • Event Guaranties
    • On all functions, a guaranteed head count is required seven days prior. You will be charged for that amount or actual guests that attend, which ever is greater. We always plan on an additional 5% over your final head count at no charge to you.


  • Damages, loss of property and carpets
    • Upon booking the room, you agree to be responsible for any damages to the immediate premises, carpet or any other part of the club due directly from your guests. Stonebridge will not be responsible for any damages, loss of property or articles left in the club prior to, during or after the function.


  • Personal Decorations
    • Stonebridge reserves the right to approve all decorations and signage prior to the function. At no time will anything be fastened or nailed to the walls or any other surface throughout the entire club.


  • Food and Beverage
    • Stonebridge Golf Club is a full service catering facility and is capable of all of your catering needs. Stonebridge does not allow any outside catering. Wedding cakes are permitted.


  • Tax and Gratuity
    • A state tax of 7.85% will be charged on all food and beverage totals. A standard 18% service charge is charged to all food and beverage totals.


  • Room Rental
    • Services included with the room rental fee are as follows; all set up, clean up, tables, chairs, linens, sound system, big screen TV, DVD player, cake table, use of cake knife & server, buffet décor, plates, silverware, napkins and servers. If any other items are needed, arrangements may be made at a quoted price. The standard room rental for a ceremony and reception is $1,500 for the room and tent for up to 6 hours. The fee for a reception only is $1,200. This includes the room and tent for up to 4 hours. Room Rental prices vary with the time of year, menu selection and number of guests.


  • Ceremonies
    • The room or tent is available for just a ceremony on a limited basis. The rental fee is $500 for up to two hours. Please call to inquire if the desired date is available.


  • Times
    • Because of the fact that we are a golf course, we are somewhat obligated to the golf tournament business. Because of this the room is not available, particularly on the weekends until after 4:00 p.m. April through September. There are some instances where this may not apply. The typical time frame for a ceremony and reception is 4:00 to 10:00. The time frame for a reception only is 6:00 to 10:00.Again, these time frames are negotiable depending on the afternoon event schedule.


  • Refunds
    • If notification of cancellation is given at least 6 months prior to the event, the deposit is fully refundable. If the event is cancelled or moved after the 6 month time frame, the deposit will only be refunded if we re-book your reserved date.


  • Alcoholic Beverages
    • Stonebridge operates under an "On Premise Beer License". This enables us to provide beer only to you and your guests in the form of "open" or "cash" bars. If you desire anything other than beer, we can not provide the beer at all. With our approval, you can bring in your own alcohol if desired. Certain rules and stipulations apply when doing so. It may be for the consumption of you and your guests only. You may not charge for the drinks unless you apply for a special events permit with the state. You must use a Stonebridge Golf Club bartender.  The beer, wine and liquor must be purchased in a Utah state liquor store and obtain the UDAB stamp. You and the bartender assume all responsibilities related to the alcohol. The set up and mixer service will be provided by Stonebridge for $2.75 per person. This will include the bar structure, all of the cups, ice, sodas, other mixers, fruit, and other supplies needed. If you are unable to find your own bartender, we can arrange for one at $35.00 per hour. All standard laws apply when serving alcohol. If your bartender breaks any laws, Stonebridge reserves the right to close the bar and or event at anytime. A $300 cleaning deposit and security are required based on the number of invited guests. One again, you are responsible for all of your guests and their actions. Your guests may smoke on the patio and in the tent. Ashtrays furnished upon request.

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