Our mission at Stonebridge is to provide outstanding instruction to players of all abilities. From the novice to the advanced tournament player, we strive to help everyone increase their enjoyment of the game we love.


The game of golf should be learned from the hole backwards. The foundation of the golf swing is the short game. Shorter swings are easier to learn than longer swings and improve fundamentals. To complete the full swing, short swings are gradually lengthened.

  • Instructional Programs
  • Private Lessons

One Hour Lesson

Our most popular lesson. One-on-one, personalized instruction covering any aspect of the game the student chooses. Whether it is putting, chipping, pitching, bunker play or the full swing, our quality instruction can help identify the problem and put the student back on the path to improvement.

  • $75 with PGA Professionals Paul Phillips and Clark Garso
  • $50 with PGA Apprentice Professional Cody Allard

Playing Lessons

Do you hit the ball well on the driving range but have trouble taking it to the course? Do you understand how to use the teeing ground to maximize your landing area? Do you know how to modify your stance to compensate for uphill, downhill and side-hill lies? Many people fail to correctly assess the strengths and weaknesses in their game. Let our staff evaluate and improve your game where the game is played...on the golf course!

       * Fee: $75 for a 4-hole loop

"Group Lessons offer a stress free atmosphere for learning and enjoyment." Cody Allard, Stonebridge Teaching Professional

Short Game Clinic

A comprehensive 2-hour clinic covering putting, chipping and pitching. The instructors at Stonebridge believe the short game is the foundation of your golf game. This clinic focuses on the fundamentals of the short game that will lend drastic improvement to your game. Session will include professional demonstration as well as student participation and practice.

  • Clinic Size: 2-5 students
  • Fee: $60 per student

Full Swing Clinic

Our most popular group lesson and the lesson you progress to after the short game clinic. The full swing clinic consists of three, 1-hour sessions covering the basic fundamentals of a proper golf swing. Professional instruction and demonstration will help students identify problem areas in their swing and find a solution that will put them on the road to improvement.

  • Clinic Size: 2-5 students
  • Fee: $75 per student

Tips on Taking a Lesson

  • Arrive at least 30 minutes before your lesson allowing yourself time to change, get a snack and hit some warm-up shots.
  • Set realistic goals. Improvement will come in direct relation to how hard you work and your talent.
  • Allow 1-2 weeks for results. If progress is not made and an effort was put forth, look elsewhere.
  • Don't give up on a swing change before 2 weeks because it doesn't feel right. Remember, habit and comfort are the two chief challenges you face when embarking on a swing change.
  • Ask questions!
  • Practice! Practice! Practice! You're on the right road to reaching your goals.

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